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Smart & Knowledgeable

“What sets RedVenus apart from their competitors is their support. Every representative I’ve spoken to is smart and knowledgeable. What I love about them is they’re all straight shooters. There’s never any BS with them. The 24/7 support with insanely fast response times is second to none. I would recommend RedVenus to anyone looking to host somewhere, from small business shared hosting, to corporate enterprise level environments. They’re simply incredible.”


RedVenus to the rescue

With my failed history of services, I started cooperating with cPanel Server Management, Monitoring and Hardening Services more on the sceptical side. But after seeing that they really mean business, my confidence grew considerably. I have never gotten such a fast response to all of my server problems. Thank you so much for your services!

Alex Mica

Fast, Reliable, and Professional

“I desperately needed server optimization for my site, and opened a request with RedVenus on a Sunday morning. Within minutes, their staff was already making improvements. As of now, my site sees minimum traffic but will be hosting a Facebook application soon and I needed to make sure my server could handle an influx of traffic. RedVenus optimized the server for this need as well as advised me on other measures I can take for even better results. Everything is now running so much faster, and all of this was within one day! I’ll definitely be back for any future needs I may have. “


RedVenus is the Best of the Best

“A few years ago, I switched to RedVenus after a bad experience with another server management company. In a few words, I can’t really express the unbelievable differences in service, but let me try by using my latest ticket as an example. It’s Thanksgiving morning and I sent in a ticket about a new permissions issue. RedVenus is looking at the ticket in 2 minutes and resolves in another few minutes. No back and forth, no time difference problems, no trouble understanding the issue, you tell them your problem and it gets fixed quickly, efficiently, anytime, and in my case every single time.”

Robert Bayer